Rabu, 21 November 2012

wow, dah lame tak buat entri ni. kekok pun ade. grr. hee. teringat time aktif memblogging ni dulu. ade je cerita yang nak share. but something had changed. my interest in blogging tetibe hilang dan muncul perasaan yang teramat malas untuk blogging. tapi aku tak tahu kenape, so jangan tanye okayy? haha.

now, it is story time. let's check it out. :)

for this becoming 2013, i will become a spm candidate. i'm studied in pure science plus with islamic subject (arab, quran al sunnah, syariah). so,  my total subjects are 11. i'm so nervous and afraid. i'm really not ready for it. the time just passing too fast. grr. hee. but, thats not a problem to me. i think my anxiousment to be a surgeon is higher than my fear. so, i'm very excited to face it. i will try my best for the becoming spm. huehue :) also, i want to get the government scholarship and can continued my study in Mesir. i really pray for it. amin. therefore, i hope you guys pray for me either. okayy?

thats all for now.
pray for gaza :)